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Kasteel Helmond

Spring Castle Helmond

The flowers are blooming, the sun is getting warmer, spring is in the air. During the May holidays it is time for Lentekasteel Helmond or our ‘Spring Castle!’ This means a super cool program for families, children and their friends in our castle from Saturday April 20 to Sunday May 12.

The wonderful world of…

In their beautiful castleroom, Guest Fantast and Aaltje Verhaaltje will read you the most beautiful stories. Sit back and listen and feel very welcome in the wonderful world of our readers. You can attend this reading activity every day during the Spring Castle (except on Mondays) from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Laat je voorlezen in de wondere stijlkamer!

Listen to wonderful and amazing stories

Play and explore

There are fun games in the courtyard, they look a bit like the games that were played in the Middle Ages. Have fun! You can of course do your research in the exciting cellars of our fourteenth-century castle. You can try out different levels, and if you answer all the questions correctly, lord Jan van Berlaer will make you a knight of our castle.

Speel met de spellen op het binnenplein!

Play with the games in the courtyard!

Ask the castle guides

On your tour through the largest square moated castle in the Netherlands, you will certainly meet our castle guides. They are happy to assist you every day at the Spring Castle from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm. Ask them all your questions so that you will soon know everything, or at least a lot, about our castle.

Vraag het onze kasteelgids!

Ask our castleguides

Meet the castle residents

Who are you going to meet this time? That will remain a surprise for a while. Perhaps Jonkheer Wesselman, or the cooks, who will tell you very nicely how you cooked in the Middle Ages. Is the maid there? I’m sure she is there very often, because she likes to help run the castle. And she is always very busy, such a big castle is a lot of work! The castle residents are there every day during the Spring Castle (except Mondays) from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Luister naar de kokkin, hoe kookten ze eigenlijk in de middeleeuwen?

Listen to the cook, how did they actually cook in the Middle Ages

In the castle attic

Exciting, and quite dark. That’s the atmosphere in the castle attic, sometimes you have to duck or walk over something. We therefore want you to be able-bodied and 8 years or older, otherwise it would not be possible in the centuries-old castle attic. What will you see there? Well, you are going to experience the story of the castle attic. The shadows on the wall tell you the story of the castle fire in 1549. Maybe you will find out who did it! Before you take the attic tour, play the XL board game in the tower room next to the information desk in the basement. Then you are well prepared for what is to come.

You can do the attic tour every day during the Spring Castle (except on Mondays) at 11:00 AM, 2:00 PM, 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM.

Listen to the shadows and what they say

Listen to the shadows and what they say

Family tour the secrets of the castle garden

The castle garden contains centuries-old trees, plants and shrubs, as well as beautiful statues and the Lieg Bènkske. If only trees could talk… To be done on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during Spring Castle at 2 p.m.

Who oh who will show you around the attractive castle garden...?

Who oh who will show you around the attractive castle garden…?

Lucas Gassel’s workshop

Do you already know the age-old paintings by the master of the landscape: Lucas Gassel van Helmond (1488-1568/69)? His beautiful works show how Lucas was crazy about landscapes. Especially to honor his art, we have set up a workshop in the castle where you can get acquainted with Lucas’s works and get started yourself. You can draw and color there, it’s just like a real workshop where you will definitely feel like a master! In the Lucas Gassel Tower a little further on, on the same floor, you can admire one of his works: Landscape with the Sacrifice of Abraham. There are only 2 real Gassels in the Netherlands, 1 in the Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht, and 1 in our museum.

Learn all about Lucas' paintings in his workshop

Learn all about Lucas’ paintings in his workshop

Take a selfie!

Don’t have a photo of yourself on the throne yet? Quickly take a photo or selfie of yourself (can be done daily except on Mondays during the Spring Castle). And feel free to dress up as a real knight or princess! We have a special changing room in the castle with lots of beautiful clothes.

Go dress up like a real knight!

Go dress up like a real knight!