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Kunsthal Helmond

F.J. van Thielpark 1 Helmond

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Route and Parking

Kunsthal Helmond is located in the heart of the city centre. With GPS navigation it is very easy to find. The Kunsthal is close to arterial roads in the various directions and about 15 to 20 minutes away from Eindhoven Airport if travelling by car or public transport.



Paid parking in the sheltered car park Boscotondo on Frans Joseph van Thielpark is available and is just two minutes’ walk away from the Kunsthal. Above-ground, paid parking is available at Parkeerterrein Kasteel-Traverse, located three minutes’ walk from the Kunsthal. This car park is just two minutes’ walk from the other museum: Helmond Castle. Parking is not permitted on the square in front of the castle.

Parking badge 

If you have a disabled parking badge, you can park your car for free on the square at Helmond Castle located between the castle and the two towers. The badge in the car must be visibly displayed.

Public Transport

If you’re travelling to the Kunsthal by train or bus, consult public transport (OV) travel information (available in Dutch only) or 9292. The Kunsthal is located approximately fifteen minutes’ walk from Helmond railway station.


Kunsthal Helmond is also easy to reach by bicycle or on foot. You can safely park your bicycle for free at the Kasteel-Traverse bicycle parking facility, which is located a three-minute walk from the Kunsthal.