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It’s all for the money

  • 2 April 2019
  • 29 September 2019
  • Kunsthal Helmond

It’s all for the money

The It’s all for the money exhibition reflects on the discerning views that socially engaged artists have had towards work and money in the past 150 years. Some 150 years ago, working hours were much longer, working conditions were poor, and incomes were low in western Europe when compared with the present. In the exhibition, artists show us what it was like to work in factories or mines at the end of the nineteenth century, or how they supported the social struggle for better pay of the workers.

An abundance of money

In recent times, artists have started to reflect on the consequences of closing factories by moving production to low-wage countries. What does this mean for those countries and what are the environmental consequences of our productivity and ambitions of maximizing profits? Are wages really even correlated to a person’s work? The artists focus on the aforementioned questions, as well as on question of where an abundance of money can lead us to.

 Fight for change

Influenced by society in their own era, each artist asks questions about these aspects of human existence and in doing so hopes to inspire change. They seek to achieve this by initiating debate through their art or by supporting the struggle for change.

In this exhibition, Museum Helmond presents a selection from the People and Work collection, complemented with borrowed works. artworks by Anthon van Rappard (NL). Käthe Kollwitz (DU), Andres Gursky (DU), Vincent Mentzel (NL), Johan van Hell (NL), Herman Heijenbrock (NL), Tatjana Doll (DU), Pieter de Josselin de Jong (NL), Edward Burtynsky (CA), Cigdem Yuksel (winner  Zilveren Camera 2017, NL), Steve McCurry (VS), Jerremy Deller (winner Turnerprijs 2004, GB), Maja Bajevic (BA) and others.



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