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Attic tour

  • 17 December 2020
  • 31 December 2040
  • Kasteel Helmond

Attic tour

Castle on Fire!

During the attic tour ‘Castle on Fire!’ you wander through the centuries-old attic of the castle. Shadows and voices take you past authentic castle elements and tell you about the great fire in 1549. It is a journey over creaking floors, under old wooden beams and trusses and through exciting passages, to rooms where candles suddenly fall over and books spontaneously open and where a medieval pickup wheel suddenly turns again as it once did. Come to this intriguing and true story in the attic and discover it for yourself.

Guided tour

The attic tour is accompanied by a guide. The tour of the attic is suitable for everyone aged 8 and over. Sometimes it is a bit warmer (in the summer) and sometimes just a bit colder (in the winter), keep that in mind when you visit the attic. The castle attic is accessible to visitors who are mobile and has been deliberately kept as authentic as possible. Here and there you can walk under centuries-old beams or even over them.

Make your reservation

If you would like more information about the tour or to make a reservation for an English-speaking guide, please call 0492-587716 or request your booking via

What does it cost?

To participate in the attic tour you pay €2 per person. This does not include the entrance fee. You can find the entrance fees for Helmond Castle here.

Board game

You can combine your visit to the attic with the board game Fire! In this game, which you can play in the tower room next to the information desk, you take on the role of a character from the attic tour story. The castle has burned down, the lord is furious and is eager to find out who the perpetrator is!

The attic tour was made possible with the support of the Friends Lottery.






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