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Mitch Epstein

  • 1 October 2019
  • 9 February 2020
  • Kunsthal Helmond

Mitch Epstein

In Time

Mitch Epstein’s iconic photographs–characterized by layered, deep space, and bearing multiple interpretations—give a startlingly clear, yet complex view of the United States of America.

Woman gazing at three portrait photos

Kunsthal Helmond presents 50 photographs, selected by the photographer, from four renowned series: Rocks and Clouds (2015), New York Arbor (2012), American Power (2009), and Family Business (2003).

Born in 1952 in Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA, Epstein is a pioneer of colour photography, who also works in black and white. Known for his attention to craft, Epstein pushes the limits of printmaking in both.

Offshore oil platform

Ocean Warwick Oil Platform, Dauphin Island, Alabama, 2005, C-print. From American Power © Black River Productions, Ltd. / Mitch Epstein, courtesy Galerie Thomas Zander, Cologne

Family Business explores the downfall of the businesses owned by Epstein’s father. Viewers become participants in the personal shift that took place in the artist’s family, which coincided with a cultural shift in his hometown. In the large-scale photographs from American Power, Epstein evokes the impact of various energy sources on the American landscape and the nation’s communities.  Rocks and Clouds and New York Arbor poetically upend the conventional view of cities. In Epstein’s homage to New York, nature is central, not a mere backdrop to human society.

We recommend viewing American Power while listening to the cello music composed for this series. In the screening room, we’re presenting Dad and Retail, two short films Epstein made as part of Family Business.

The exhibition was made possible with the support of Gallery Thomas Zander in Cologne



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