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Museum Helmond


Helmond Museum’s website features a wealth of information about the programmes organized by both locations: Helmond Castle and Kunsthal Helmond. You can also find useful info such as visitor information, prices, and opening hours. The website also tells you about the history of the castle and other background stories. It’s fun, informative, and very useful to visitors. Our website was developed with great care and creativity, and we strive to present the information to our visitors in as friendly a manner as possible.

Errors and omissions
Errors and omissions are always possible when compiling web pages, writing text, or creating images, and we ask for your understanding in this matter. If you discover any incorrect or missing information on the website, please send an e-mail to

To make sure our website is as customer-friendly as possible, it also contains links to other web pages. These links can provide users with useful supplementary information. However, responsibility for the content and reliability of these linked websites and the function of the links is borne by the creators of these websites, content, or links. These websites do not necessarily represent the vision or opinions of Helmond Museum.

The text and images on this website were carefully created and intended to provide information to the general public for the purposes of publicity and promotion. The use or sharing of the text and images in a personal capacity is permitted, although the source must be cited. The images on this website are generally low resolution. If desired, you can request higher-resolution photos by sending an e-mail to (subject to availability).

Any questions?
Do you have any questions about Helmond Museum’s website? If so, let us know by sending an e-mail to